If you've kicked a habit, what method helped you succeed in kicking it?

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I used the patch... that took several attempts as well; that lasted for 10 years. I hated depending on anything getting me through the day.

Congratulations for your persistence and ultimate success! :D

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Yup... I get that the mindset has to be in place, first. Making several attempts and failing, I finally got serious about it and won it over for 10 years.

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No doubt, if she could have, she would've celebrated with you ;) Congratulations on your success!

Going cold-turkey (from smoking). It was either that or have a cardiac arrest in a surgery car park, get the copious amounts of opiate based pain killers to replace the nicotine addiction, and then kick the hard stuff.

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LOL... well, there's a habit that I wouldn't mind hanging onto - the woman, not fishing :D

Thanks for the surprise entertainment and for taking the time to post - that's always appreciated :)

Best wishes with your weekend.

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I never thought of music doing that for people trying to drop a bad habit but, yeah, sure... why not :) It's consoling for those having tough times in some other way so I can see that being a big plus in this way:D

Thanks for pointing that out - may help others!

Try and try again.

@hootowl Try and try again.

That's worked for me for 10 years plus ;)

Thanks for taking part in the post, I appreciate it :D

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