Feminism is a negative word....amirite?

I see the positive aspects of the word "feminism" but it seems as if I'm fighting an uphill battle... Why is that? Why has that one word become so negative?

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Vagina hats! Image in content Image in content Let's face it. Nobody can seriously a person wearing a vagina hat. :)

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I don't think so, Tiff. If they do, I won't be taking them seriously either.

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I can't think of anything this guy could say that would interest me. :)

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I'm one of those that has mentioned it a few times on here. I think they made a big mistake by offering that as a diversion instead of sticking to their points of interest. JMHO.

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Not to me, and I've not known many women who are not some degree of a feminist. It's always been a negative word to some people, of course, but I understand why it's become more of one.
The most obnoxiously vocal of those who support most any good ideal, can give it a bad name with their extreme views.

Feminism was originally a positive thing: equal rights for women, but modern day feminism is NOT about equality, not by a longshot. It's unashamedly hateful towards men.
Most self-proclaimed male feminists are "useful idiots".

I support equal rights, and equal opportunities, that's why I don't support third wave feminism.

@Thedudeyouhatetomeet Feminism was originally a positive thing: equal rights for women, but modern day feminism is NOT about equality...

Most self-proclaimed male feminists are "useful idiots".

Could you expand on this at all? Especially what you mean when you said "male feminist"....

Depends on who you ask. Feminism as an idea was pure, get women the equal opportunities - pros AND cons just as same as men, fairness for women as much as men. THAT idea I like because it's only fair that way. However feminist groups of today aren't the same, a lot of them view men as the enemy and are biased against anything that would favor men. Seeing that you can understand why men don't want anything to do with feminism and because of that movements such as MGTOW emerged who have men just as sexist towards women as the feminist sexist towards men.

I was really fascinated by this topic years ago with many Youtubers covering them and I saw all kinds of people from both sides.

The connotation of the word feminist has changed.

Today's Liberal feminism...not my cup of tea.
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To me, the word has a negative connotation. A strong, intelligent woman, doesn't need a "label". They don't feel they need to go out and join a group that wants/demands that others "give" them, what she has already obtained on her own.

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Well said.

Not to me.

Feminism in my small circle has always been a positive thing which supported women who were being abused and treated poorly in many ways. However from what I have discovered from reading online, in the US there have been extreme left wing movements that have called themselves feminists to hate on all men. I still support feminism in it's true form and I think it's needed more than ever, but I don't support it being hijacked like this... if what I have read is correct.

It's a word without connotation. It's simply a noun. Much like cabinet or fish. If it were a slur it'd be a negative word, or a word like "not" or "no" it'd be negative. Feminism is just feminism.

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Sure is to me.

Not the word itself, but the direction many zany women[even a number of men] have taken it to a negative turn.

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modern day feminism is, and for good reason

Just another word for being a man hating bitch

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