Innocence is:

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Innocence is believing that baseball players are from the actual city they play for.

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I don't think I've ever heard you say the words "Great" and "Canadian" in the same sentence.

Innocence is what we all have until we are told NO for the first time.

Innocence is: believing the lyrics of a song was actually lived by the singer...

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When I was a child I thought the Toronto Maple Leafs all lived in TORONTO... Boy was I mad when I found out...

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I still think that's the right way to have it.

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When the wind blows open the petals of a poppy that had been to shy to blossom on a chilled May morning. Loss of innocence is when the poppy's crimson petals are whisked away leaving only the fertile and bitter bulb oozing droplets of intoxicating nectar.

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Innocence is: Believing it exists..

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