Please respond with the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the phrase: "bag of doorknobs" Thanks.

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A bag of mismatched door knobs, most likely, old ones, probably bought for a few bucks at a garage sale.

Darn, I'm getting hungry again.

Painting the house

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Take door knobs off when im doing doors

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Taking them off or painting around them?
Much better finish when they come off:)

How heavy are they?

I thought first of ancient doorknobs or door knobs (in a bag):

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Then, of a slang definition for somebody who is rather dumb, resp. of a bunch of foolish persons.

And, according to the Urban dictionary (checking), they also refer, besides the definitions seen in the comments (easy girl, idiot), to a "windy game":

smile smilie

He is dumber than a _ __ _!

"I wonder if that fucking printer is going to work, I am sure I put some ink in it"..... To be fair I was distracted.

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a sack of doorknobs

Old guy talking about someone he doesn't like.

Dumber than a bag of doorknobs!

Not a thing.

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