Not surprisingly, President Chump gives himself a perfect 10/10 on Puerto Rico aide efforts as doctors over there are literally operating by cellphone light.

Ex-Puerto Rico Gov. slams Trump's high marks on relief effortsA picture's worth a thousand words.http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/puerto-rico-gov-slams-trump-high-marks-relief-efforts-article-1.3583112
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Puerto Rico doesn't have the infrastructure of Texas or Florida. That problem existed long before Trump.

Electricity has been restored to hospitals. My question is how were they charging their cell phones because the cellphone light drains batteries. This is all BS by Democrats who hate Trump. The island had a poor infrastructure (unless you are in the 'tourist' areas or well-to-do areas), mostly due to improper handling of funds. This problem existed long before Trump came on the scene.

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There ain't no Puerto Rican light switch in the oval office fly boy.
They had a poorly maintained infrastructure to begin with. And it was poorly maintained.

I know you don't actually give a rats ass about Puerto Rico anyway - but I thought I'd toss some mud your way.

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It's a shame how he has treated Puerto Rico. Most of the island is still without electricity and running water, I wonder how long he would last without those necessities.

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Always patting himself on the back. What a liar. I would give him a -50

What have you done for PR and what more do you think Trump or the Us should do? We are already taking in more and more refugees from all over including PR.

as stupid as he is, he is still better then the criminal Hilary you voted for

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