What would you do if this happened to you?

These marathoners were about a mile from the finish line and the motorcycle escort lead them off course. By the time they realized they were going the wrong way they couldn't catch the guy that was back a couple hundred yards and didn't make the wrong turn. Wow, would I be pissed!!!

Runners take wrong turn during Venice MarathonThe race had an unexpected winner after a motorcycle escort led the lead group off route.http://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-europe-41720689/runners-take-wrong-turn-during-venice-marathon
0% I'd do this: 0% I wouldn't do anything! 14% Shit Happens! 14% I'd beat the crap out of the motorcycle escort! 14% I'd quit! 57% Other
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I would definitely challenge the results and would hope everyone else would as well. It's pretty meaningless to have someone win that way.

Marathon training is grueling. I cant imagine getting through the training, being that far into the race, in front and having it taken in that manner.

Yeah...i would be pissed, too:[

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I agree, but I don't know if I would want to run it over again to get a winner. Ha!

We've all seen some bad officiating before, but this one takes the top prize!!!

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I rechecked the video and there is no line painted. Just the motorcycles. :)

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Makes sense to me.

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Kind of reminded me of the scene in Animal House, when the guy took over the position of the marching band leader and led them into an alley.

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Don't need to paint lines in Western Kansas. There are a lot of roads that go for 26 miles or more without a turnoff or even seeing another human being. Can't get lost or take a wrong turn,.... but you're still in Kansas... where a mile into the run, most would ask themselves why they are there.

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My town had 1500 people and it was the County Seat. I don't think we'd attract more than 4 or 5 to run, even from outside the country. We do have one bit of fame (Like most out of the way places) Our town had the last lynching in the state of Kansas..:)

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Oh Hell... you live in a city. My down doesn't even have a stoplight.
Looks like you guys have a great turnout.

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Sounds like you found the ideal place. :)

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