When are you tipped off that a guy is gay?

10% Effeminate 70% Sleeps with other guys 20% Other
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Probably when his tongue has gotten as far down the back of my throat as it can go.

When he says "I am gay"

Tipped off?

Why am I tipped off? Do they think I'm gay too?

Who are these people? Who the phuck do they think they are anyway?

With some, I wouldn't know unless they told me. With others, I can tell from a mile away.
Some people keep their personal life personal and some like to flaunt it. I wish some would get the hint that I really don't care what they do in their personal life, or behind closed doors. (Gay, OR straight)

I wouldn't know. I don't "seek out" such things.

When he's holding his boyfriends hand.

Actually even after he sleeps with other guys I would probably still be questioning it, boys keep doing that for attention.

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