Would you stay in a haunted house?

Image for post Would you stay in a //haunted// house?
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It's always the good looking women that get dragged into the basement when the lights go out.

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Ok, but I never heard of them being inherenty good

Yes, except for days ending in 'Y".

It would depend on the reason why it was haunted. You couldn't have payed me to stay at Sharon Tate's house.

For how long?

@Sukiesnow 3 nights...

Am I alone? A bed or a sleeping bag? Do I have access to food and water?

JK - I am not afraid of ghost so I would.

My house is already haunted.

If the house was somewhere I'd stay at anyway, sure. I don't believe in "haunted" anything.

I grew up in one. I'd stay in one, but not alone.

@Sukiesnow You did? For real, or just a freaky home...

For real. I got my hair pulled, we saw the silhouette of a large bald man often, there was an area of the bed my dog wouldn't go near, electronics turned themselves on, weird phone calls, I had many nightmares of the basement, and a psychic, without knowing us, told us there's something negative in the basement.

No problem...

If it's not haunted by Chucky..

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