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It would depend on the reason why it was haunted. You couldn't have payed me to stay at Sharon Tate's house.

For how long?

@Sukiesnow 3 nights...

Am I alone? A bed or a sleeping bag? Do I have access to food and water?

JK - I am not afraid of ghost so I would.

No problem...

If it's not haunted by Chucky..

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My house is already haunted.

If the house was somewhere I'd stay at anyway, sure. I don't believe in "haunted" anything.

I grew up in one. I'd stay in one, but not alone.

@Sukiesnow You did? For real, or just a freaky home...

For real. I got my hair pulled, we saw the silhouette of a large bald man often, there was an area of the bed my dog wouldn't go near, electronics turned themselves on, weird phone calls, I had many nightmares of the basement, and a psychic, without knowing us, told us there's something negative in the basement.