I have been listening to true crime podcasts, and I can't help noticing what disgusting people most of these criminals are/were in a hygienic sense. Are many people in fact pigs, but just manage to clean up enough to go out in public and not get on the news? What is the worst example of disgusting behavior you have ever encountered in seemingly normal people? Do I really want to know? ;)

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Please, define normal people.

I have, somehow, managed to get shit in my left trouser leg. Probably a wet fart gone unnoticed, while I've been smacked my tits up. Being an alcoholic sometimes does cause certain challenges.

Well, there's some guy totally obsessed with people seeing him in these shorts that are clearly too short for public wear...
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I have only read about him but the amiable monster Ted Bundy has that title hands down. He was charismatic and likeable to the point that he was able to kill as many as 100 women. They don't know the actual count.

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