What book gives you happy memories?

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The Hobbit. My first introduction to the Lord of the Rings.

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I was a Koontz fan as well until his books became over-descriptive in unnecessary areas, lending nothing important nor enriching - still, his books were a good read till then ;)

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I put it on my B&N wishlist, and thanks for the steer :)


My favorite of his was Watchers.

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The Tarzan series, back in grade school, which initiated my love of reading.

Rainbow 6 because I read it while on vacation in St Maarten about 15 years ago and it had a very cool ending! Image in content

My Senior Yearbook.

This probably doesn't come as a surprise to those, who know me better on the site, but my parents were a bit crazy. Not in the same Loony Toons way, that I am, but more like "We can't bother, let him do it by himself." So, when I was two and a half years old, they decided to teach me how to read. Finnish is quite an easy language to read, when you understand the basic rules, which include that 99.9% of the words are pronounced in the same way they are read. So, if you know the word pronounced, you are very likely to know it, when you see it. Naturally, we do have some very tricky words, which even today are difficult - at least for me - such as "ymmärtämättömyydellänsäkään", but those are joined words with conjunctions included in the word itself.

As for the question itself, I started reading science fiction, when I was eight. But mostly I remember my first horror novel, which gave me quite - well - horror. I'm not certain, which one I read first, but both are written by Stephen King, who back then even knew how to be scary and not just scary in the wrong way. Christine and Pet Sematary are those two first horror novels, which I ever read and the mere thought of how I felt back then gives me proper shivers. As a science fiction fan, with certain weird sense of humor, obviously Douglas Adams is, has been and will probably always be my favorite author, but I was already sixteen, when first read his work.

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Any book by E B White.

Oh yes, and this one too.

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King Solomon's mines by Allan Quatermain, I hate the movie though.

Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut

I would rather say that books provide happy moments; stories can fascinate, inspire, teach, bring about laughs, tears and thoughts. They can be shared with friends and amateurs, and they allow also to get away from all the noise, crowds and speed of our hectic world. smile smilie

Any book by Dr. Seuss...Reminds me of my tranquil childhood.

Then all of a sudden this happens:

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