How is it that you are still single?

Oh yeah...oh yeah...! How do you field this (boring) question?

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I am a widow and far too spoiled and lazy to search for a replacement. a smilie

I guess some people like it.

SINGLE is an acronym for: Stay Intoxicated Nightly Get Laid Everyday.

I have thirteen nipples and a cheetah as my pet. Some women just don't find that appealing...

"Cause I want to be.

I'm either not social or socially awkward.

I meet plenty of women that I'd like to date or at least be friends with, but they're all in relationships. I'm told they only way you meet anyone these days is to use dating apps which really doesn't appeal to me so I guess that's why. .... and yes, I get asked this all the time in real life.. especially at work. In fact most people assume I'm married with kids and when they find out I'm not, I get treated like I must be single by choice because I want to live the care-free single life and aren't capable of committing or taking on that responsibility etc. I've noticed a huge difference in how I've been treated since I lost my wife. It's like you become socially less acceptable, or people think there's something wrong with you.

Don't have quite enough to get cloned...

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