What three Amirite users would you take on a a road trip?

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I haven't been here long enough to make that call. There are a lot of great people on Amirite.

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Is it uncle Vic?

Drue from Amirite, and Mike56 and Dublin from Soda Head. Not only do I regard them as good friends, but as three conservatives, they can have fun beating up on me, the lone liberal. :)

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She lives outside of LA, but yes,we are talking about the same Drue. :)

I can't pick, why not rent a bus to pick up everyone and then we can all go someplace fun and warm.hug smilie

Zonkey DW2 an Sukie, I reckon that would be a gas!

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I'd be honored. May I sing in the car? nme smilie

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How kind of you! I don't recall ever screeching, so I guess we're good to go. :)

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Of course not. It IS your road trip, after all. If your driving gets scary though, I just might actually sing. :)

Actually I'd take any three, even the ones that I don't really get along with. I think in real life we'd all learn a few things along the way, so it'd be a worth while experience one way or another.

@ozzyboy I like the way you think. Broaden your horizons, world and mind.

Thanks! yeah that's the idea. Plus learning self-control around those you don't get along with, then finding common ground is a useful skill to develop.

Bub, AliceD and Sukie. Not in any particular order, even though they are in alphabetical order here.

I'd probably take Zonk, SynsterGates and Bud.

The first three to qualify by making it through the death maze...

Straight to Wally World..

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