After something I saw earlier today, I was embarrassed to be a member on this site.

Hate, and ganging up on a new member. I was looking at a post by a new member named Sarah today who posted she was glad Hillary was not our president. The first thing I saw, was 5 down votes for her. (Those who know me understand that I personally could care less about ANY voting system here) Three of those down votes were by members I have never had any respect for to begin with, so that was no surprise. I was "disappointed" in the other attackers. Although we don't agree on politics very often, we respect each other enough to agree to disagree, and got to know each other by chatting about other things over the years. Is this now a site where anyone new who comes here and does not hate Trump, will be attacked after their first post? In the 2+ years I have been here, I can't remember seeing 5 down votes on anyone's initial post, yet alone a first time poster. There are people here I respect, but never agree with politically. There are also a very few who I do not respect, either personally or politically. One thing I did do, was to give them a chance to express their opinions without an immediate attack. Eventually, some of us get into heated debates, but I think generally, those come after we have gotten to know our "adversaries", as well as "how" to disagree with them. I wanted to go back to that post and say what I am saying here, but I see that she, and her post, no longer exists here. Not a surprise I guess. She was informed immediately that she was not welcome here. I was embarrassed when I watched it, and I am embarrassed that I didn't stand up for her, on the spot, not on her content, but on how she was received.

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