Being straightforward with people always works for the better....amirite?

I mean...say what you think...without being immature....

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It's at least more effective rather than using subtle hints and getting mad why others don't get them

I like when people communicate with me in a straightforward fashion, so I try to do the same.

No, I don't think it always works for the better.

I'm usually straightforward, and have found that those who agree with you find it refreshing, while those who don't, get angry.

That is indeed better, but it is often hard to find the right, respectful words to say the truth - provided that it is not distorted or fake - especially to beloved ones, when one has to bring bad news, inform about a loss, or turn down a request.

Not necessarily so.

"Always" kept me from choosing agree.

LOL ... Suuuuuure. Next time a woman asks "Do these jeans make me look fat?" - tell the truth "No, your fat makes you look fat" ... and see how well that goes.

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