What takes your breath away?

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The ocean.

This comment was deleted.

I thought that is what carbon monoxide looks like... What... Wait... Oh.

Carbon monoxide. But I only take it, if I'm supposed to die.

Many things.
Beautiful sunsets
Beautiful women
Dip in cold water
The smokey mountains
The rocky mountains
The atlantic
The pacific
I will not continue to bore you....

My 7 grandchildren. ~)

Animals, sunsets, sunrises, the moon, the ocean, rainbows, love

Great dancers

Being in space without a space suit

Chronic Bronchitis and Asthma.

The unexpected sight of my husband...

Animals, rainbows, the ocean, music, flowers, waterfalls,mountains, i guess nature in general. I get overwhelmed by joy and beauty, and no words see to suffice. I will paraphrase a saying I like...basically it says only break the silence if you are sure you can improve upon it. When I was in Florida, every evening tourists and locals alike would head out to the beaches and watch the sunset in awed,hushed, reverie. It seemed profane to breach that reverent silence.I love and treasure those moments.

The sweet things my boyfriend says to me every day


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