How do you know if you're truly happy?

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I know I'm happy when I am able to sleep really well. Sleep quality is always the first thing to affect me if there's something I'm not happy about.

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Oo sorry to hear that eek smilie but I can relate to an extent, I have issues on and off with insomnia, and during a bad period I can struggle with work, exercise, pretty much anything. Getting away from what's stressing me or making me unhappy for a few days mostly fixes it, but that's often impossible due to work etc.

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Ah ok, i understand. For me getting away fixes it only if I'm somewhere very quiet and isolated which is difficult to find. My other option is to let it run it's course which can take a couple of weeks and feels like hell, or I can take a sleeping tablet which generally gives me 10 hours of amazing sleep and it seems to really calm me and resets my body clock, so it's a one-off use, as those things can be nasty if taken regularly.

There is no absolute happiness, but there are precious moments, satisfactions, being enthusiastic and active, feeling and sharing with beloved ones and less known people joy, love, gratitude, pleasure, emotions and serenity, having the occasion to smile and laugh, experiencing satisfaction about achievements, etc.


If you look into your bowl of Captain Crunch and don't start crying..

You're happy..

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Especially if there's a toy submarine in the box..

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I wake up every morning smiling rather than having tears roll down my cheeks. biggrin smilie


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