With the European migrant crisis, child brides have become a pressing legal question, particularly in Scandinavia and Germany. Response has largely been local and without uniformity either across the EU or within each state. Germany did recently pass a national measure, but individual countries and localities are still grappling with the issue. I will post several links below for those interested, as well as an excerpt from an article highlighting that this is not just a migrant or European issue. I'm looking for serious discussion, please read my explanation below as well as the excerpt in the comment section. Thank you. Your thoughts?

Two points I'd like to clarify: 1) This is is regarding teenage brides, not the iconic 9-year olds found all over anti-Muslim websites. 2) I have included links from a variety of sources and chosen the ones I did for accuracy and completeness of the reporting. If you have an issue with trusting a particular source...do your own research.