I can get free shipping on a $3 phone case from China, but to ship the same item within my country costs $10 or more. How is that possible? I mean, people buy a lot of stuff online these days, that difference in shipping cost has huge implications for the competitiveness of domestic online retail.

I wanted to buy a case for my phone, so I went looking on Ebay. I found one I liked from someplace in northern Canada for $10, but the shipping cost was $18. That's $28 for an item I could get for $3 from China. Now, I'd happily pay $10 for that case just to support a Canadian seller, but $28? That's a bit much. Now, you may say the seller is padding his profits by bumping up the shipping cost, but I recently sent a parcel of about the same size from BC to Ontario, and it cost me about $15, so $18 to ship something from up north seems plausible. .... What do you think? It seems obvious that Chinese sellers aren't paying the true cost of shipping items to North America, yet I've never heard it mentioned as an issue. I wonder why not? To me it seems like a HUGE issue.