Dealing with the consequences of a bad decision can be a hardship...amirite?

So you went through a tough time and lost track of doing your income taxes...do you regret it later? Do you have any other examples of Action (or lack of) vs. Consequence...?

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Yeah, totally, i mean look at what happened after my parents fucked :)

A friend stopped opening her mail one year and consequently missed filling out forms which created immense havoc with her salary....

I think a person who deals with the hardships associated with a bad decision they made, shows they take ownership of that bad decision and are more unlikely to make it again, as opposed to someone who has not had to deal with the consequences of bad decisions they make.

Very true.

However we often learn from our mistakes than our successes.

I hate myself for mistakes I said to myself y was I with her

It's the truth. Knowing that we still will make them

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