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I would never cheat to win.

It depends on what the competition was. Any kind of sport or game and I'd always follow the rules. If it was some kind of battle where my freedom or health was at stake then I'd do whatever it takes to win.'s possible I could not use a gun...even if I had one.

Unless I'm being attacked and then all bets are off.

It depended on what the game was. If it was a soccer game, I'd do my best. If it was protecting my family, I would do ANYTHING it takes..

What are the stakes?

Will I die, if I lose? I'm alright with the death - I probably have a cancer at the moment - but would I go... Well... It's not so easy to answer, really... Nobody can cheat death. It's reality. Would I try? Well... I'm not certain about that either.

I would not do anything would hurt another person.

If I didn't earn it, I don't want it.