As a kid did your parents make you wear something that you hated?

It was?

Image for post As a kid did your parents make you wear something that you hated?
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Oh, so you made your parents wear something that they hated?

Just kidding! I understood what you meant. :P

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Hehe yeah I got a lot of out of date hand me downs too. 乂º◡^乂

No, I usually liked the clothes Mama bought for me when I was little. Later, we shopped together for clothes.

I was forced to wear what they bought me, so yes. Cheap, no-named canvas shoes/sneakers and occasionally cloths that were donated to places like the Goodwill.

Yes, she always put ribbons on my braids. Yikes. lol

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Hadn't thought of those in decades....

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And when you took them off, your shoes always came off in them as well.

I remember wearing them but I still can't remember why, other than being told to.

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You do realize that a huge number of people here don't have a clue what we are talking about, right?

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I remember them.
Didnt have them but many of my friends did. Black rubber with that lever buckle.

Coat and tie to church when I was 10, uncomfortable shoes to go with it, and all the other proper things in the early 60's. Then there was the schools... which wouldn't let you wear an un-tucked button up shirt, a t-shirt, pants without a belt, tennis shoes expect for PE, and hair that touched your collar, and an FFA jacket after I cut the sleeves off of it.

No, I was lucky that I always got jeans and t-shirts which I was happy with. Schools were another thing, their uniform requirements were very strict and i hated those.

Nope. Had to wear a skirt or dress in school through the fifth grade. I always had pants to pull on for recess, though.
While my sister was protesting the dress code in high school, mom was doing it at the pta.
Sixth grade...dress code was loosened. I never wore a dress to school again:)

I remember might have been first grade, my Mom had me wearing a brown tweed coat with a matching beanie hat. Sort of looked like this.Image in content

I didn't hate the coat or the hat but for some reason other kids did. And they beat me up to prove it!

No, but she always cut my bangs way too short.

Nope, luckily not.

Yes,gum soled shoes.

Yes; a jacket and tie to go to and uncomfortable in the pre-air conditioning days!

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