I'd much rather see a million 'fluff' posts than most of the political posts here.

It's just not worth the hassle really. All you get, for the most part, is called names and insulted by people who want nothing more than an echo chamber (and boy does that bring out the asshole in me)

I, for one, will be posting ''fluff'' posts and nothing but. I have yet to be attacked for my choice in music, what planet I like best or sharing an image of the oldest known galaxy in existence , and in turn it makes me happier and a more pleasant person to interact with.

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They must be a real blast at parties...

Sometimes i dont feel so...fluffy.
But....lately, i have been trying. And there are a choice few, here, that i have debated with, peacefully. Those debates havent changed my stance on matters, but they have helped me understand other points of view.
And mr. brit....i enjoy your posts. Even if i dont always comment, i enjoy the words.

I'd much rather see good posts than all these stupid ones with no agree/disagree buttons or just post telling me how to think.

The original amirite format (all posts ending with ", amirite?" and having "Yeah, You Are!" and "No Way!" buttons) forced you to be creative with the way you posted. This is just a communal diary and survey site.

but the political posts are definitely the worst thing here.

@Skr3wBall I'd much rather see good posts than all these stupid ones with no agree/disagree buttons or just post telling me...

If it's any consolation, I leave the votes off to try and get people to provide more thoughtful answers

I agree. Trump this Hillary that, I've had it!

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Thanks for proving my point.

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The point of the post, VERY clearly stated, was that he would rather see complete filler garbage than see the political bunkum that plagues this site...

you responded by being needlessly and unprovokedly political and, frankly, hateful or at the very least bitter or spiteful... exactly what the post is AGAINST and for good reason... but the Brit can correct me if I misread him.

I will take fluff any day of the week over drama hate filled bait and political posts.

If I wanted to see grown adults make mean and hateful comments at each other like they are still stuck in high school, I will spend more time at work...least I make good money to see that BS unfold.


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The only time I go on those types of posts is to offer the OP some helpful advice which is to never lick the spoon they use to stir the pot with. biggrin smilie

Even nice people get tired of BS and do have a limit.

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I agree. I would rather have comments straight from the heart than someone trying to achieve 15 minutes of fame ono smilie

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