AIRBNB's are extremely popular Worldwide and are under-regulated. There are several news reports of thefts, assaults and murders. Should municipalities be responsible for ensuring the safety of people who use this service?

Many cities are now looking at regulating this industry. Including having a license if you rent a property for less than 30 to 90 days. Making companies like Airbnb adhere to rules and laws under a hospitality license would be a logical course of action.

His Airbnb hosts made him uneasy, so he tried to leave. But he didn’t make it far, police sayAn Australian man using Airbnb to rent a room was allegedly raped and killed by three men hosting him after he told a friend he didn’t feel comfortable and planned to leave early, police say.
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That's exactly what I was about to write!

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I've heard of Bed and Breakfast places of course. Not that AirBNB though.

I remember when I was in highschool and kids were making plans to go to Europe. Some stayed at places called Youth Hostels (sp?) Similar to the BNB concept, but well vetted as I recall.

You couldnt pay me to stay at a strangers house.
Ive been aware of airbnb for some time. I dont see how it can be properly regulated. Nor can they possibly screen every host or guest.
This concept was begging for tragic results.

A nice safe hilton or Ramada will do fine for my traveling.

They're already escaping many of the rules that govern other host services. Hotels provide their own security. It's up to the BnB to provide security.
It's like Uber and Lyft. They will take advantage of the market until regulations make them act like professionals.