All across America statues of Founding Fathers are being defaced and torn down. But Washington DC has approved a statue of former Mayor Marion Barry who was literally caught smoking crack. Bizarre is an understatement.

"What a glorious reflection of heroism on our fair capital city. Coming at the time when statues and plaques of Robert E. Lee are being taken down, erecting a new statue to the crack-smoking, whore-mongering, tax-cheating mayor certainly is the embodiment of "progressives" and their values. Presumably, the plaque will memorialize Barry's most famous quotable line: "B---- set me up!"

Frankly, it defies belief. Barry was the emblem of the crime-plagued shambles the capital city became as the Democratic mayor beginning in the late 1970s and extending through the 1990s. He started out as the first emblem of the civil rights movement to be elected to the city's highest office and was given quite a pass for his failings as mayor because of it. The city turned into a one-party state, and from there, the blight followed. Barry himself was caught smoking crack cocaine with a woman not his wife, and when he was caught, he became forever famous for his candid-camera hollering: "B---- set me up!" Then he went to the can.

After that, he got elected mayor again, showing that no bad deed goes punished. The shambles continued, and now Barry is getting his own monument."