CONGRATULATIONS to my Houston Astros!

Image for post CONGRATULATIONS to my Houston Astros!
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I have to admit I was surprised at the outcome. Game 7 in LA ? That was a scary thought. Was excited they won.

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Thanks! It's fun!

When the Indians fell out of it weeks ago I needed to find another team to cheer for. I knew it couldn't be New York or LA, ... cuz, well you know. I had no axe to grind with the Astros, and they were the underdogs going in. I love underdogs!

All the games were too late for me to stay up for, but the Astros did not disappoint. Congrats to Houston and all the fans! It was a really good series. Two great pitching teams.

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I didn't watch the series this year, but was glad Houston had some good news for a change.

Great World Series.Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Being a Dodgers fan, I couldn't help being disappointed. But I truly am happy for the Astros ..... if they had been playing against anyone else, I would have been rooting for them.

Well deserved!

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