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Germany is about the size of New Mexico. Do some research and tell me how many states see wind energy as a viable source of electricity. Nobody is saying wind energy is even profitable. The left is kind of divided on this. Some think it's clean energy while others want to shut it all down because the blades kill birds.

I highly doubt that would happen in North America... For now, Germany is still a very modern, progressive, technologically advanced country, and not as corrupt.

Before long we'll be able to garner electricity from all the hot air Trump spews forth every day.

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Trump is delusional if he thinks we want to heat our homes with coal, or using coal for anything anymore. The man is insane.

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I think deep down they know coal won't be returning....and they need to look for other jobs.

That is interesting, but what happened in the 1st quarter where it hit $100 per megawatt hour? Were those things going backwards? Ha!

hahahahahaha, funny, those wind turbines couldn;t be made without oil, couldn;t run without oil.and what about storage??? bateries? well news flash the stuff those batteries take is dirtier then oil. and free t certainly is NOT

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