I rode... My bike to the gym, it was kind of easy going down hill, except when I had to ride on kind of a flat surface, I rode till I got exhausted so then I got off and walked with my bike. I took my bike into the gym as I do not have a lock yet, I did only ten minutes on the treadmill then my mum showed up with the car, we sat for a few minutes. We went to the beach, I put the bike in the back seat. Then we came home. It is not easy riding, but it was my first time in years riding a bike on the road.next time.

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My bike has a flat tire and about an inch of dust on it. I keep telling myself I'll get it out and ride, but that never seems to happen.

Good for you. Keep it up. It will be beer every time.

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I didn't ask her to come, she just came

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I usually do an hour or more it was a Saturday

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