What's the most incredible thing you have witnessed in real life?

Image for post What's the most incredible thing you have witnessed in real life?
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The birth of my two beautiful sons....and the first time I saw an ocean.

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I haven't really directly witnessed anything of consequence.

I did see Richard Thompson playing an acoustic guitar in person. That was amazing.

Going way back.. I witnessed my first drunken donnybrook in person. It was under the beer tent at what we call a "church lawn fete"... think mini carnival, card playing, gambling, and many kegs of beer.

Drunk Irish-American and Polish-American Catholics on one side; drunk friends and members of a biker gang on the other. In seconds things went from rowdy, to fists flying, to wooden chairs becoming offensive weapons. Ah yes.. the good 'ol days.

Probably the first time I stepped to the rim of the Grand Canyon. I had seen many canyons and gorges in my life but nothing, even pictures and videos prepared me for the overwhelming majesty of that hole in the ground. It truly is incredible, mindblowingly unbelievably enormous.

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I had a mother and baby dolphin swim up to me once when i was out swimming, that was amazing. In a horrific way, I flew over Iraq at 40,000 feet at the end of the gulf war and saw the land and sky engulfed in blackness, but on the ground there were the oil fires looking like little candles. It was so eerie. When I was 16 I got to fly a glider up the side of a mountain, thermaling with an eagle off my wing, i felt like a bird, it was incredible.

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Thanks too, In hindsight I only had those because I put myself in situations that I was advised against, and in fact with the gliding, I met resistance from every everyone to do that at that age. I always encourage young people now whenever I can.

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