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No, hill no...What's wrong with you ;)

I saw microwaves, but it might have been just the LSD I gave to my dog as well.

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Nice looking animal. That kid is lucky to have such a loyal pet.

I have ... but my dog doesn't have anything nearly as interesting in her ears as that!

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Some people like to stir up political drama wherever they go... and I agree about being fed up with the nuts on the left and the right. They're all acting like crazy extremists... it's kind of worrying actually, how extremely polarized a lot of people are becoming, especially when it's friends and family members who once seemed so sane and free-thinking.

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Is that what you saw in your dog's ear? Amazing! Clouds in your coffee.

It looks like a fetus, especially in the thumbnail. In fact that's what I thought it was before I read "dog's ear" in the title.

I thought I was looking at art. Art made of meat.

PhilboydStudges avatar PhilboydStudge Oh my goodness, is that our president? +2Reply

No, I've never had occasion to look in his ears....he would never stood still for that.

Yes, my dog's ears are perfectly pink and clean. He let's me clean them with no fuss.

Monica Lewinsky

Looks like Trump and Hillary kissing and making up.

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