Have people become apathetic of the soldiers overseas fighting Islamic Terrorism?

Those of us old enough to remember Viet Nam, remember the news stations covering it. Every night, we watched as the images of the fighting showed the dead and wounded being carried off of the battlefield. We watched as American soldiers were loaded into helicopters to be air lifted to military hospitals. For the first time in history, many watched from their living rooms as war, and the horrors of war were brought into our living rooms for the first time, and the reality of war unfolded on the TV screens in front of them during dinner. The term “body count” was added to our everyday vocabulary. Every night, we heard the number of Americans killed in action for that day. We heard the number of enemy combatants that were killed, and if the number of the enemy killed was much greater than the number of Americans, it was deemed a victory. We all mourned as a nation for those killed, and we all knew someone who had, or were currently fighting in that war. Often it was a family member, a former classmate, or someone who lived down the street. It was on everyone’s mind, especially those graduating from high school, wondering if they were next to have to go.
Why aren’t we seeing this on our TV’s today? Why isn’t this war on terrorism that is being fought by the military being shown to remind us that there are Americans, Brits and military from other countries, dying every day in foreign countries? Why doesn’t the “media”, show us what these men and women are facing every day? Why aren’t they showing us the hardships, the sacrifice and the suffering? When was the last time you heard a reporter give the number of dead for that day? Sure, there are rare cases of reports of our dead, but it seems to me, that those dead are being reported to further some political agenda rather than honoring the sacrifice those who died made. Maybe it just isn't newsworthy anymore. Has it gotten to the point that the only time we hear, or think about what is taking place every day, is on Veterans Day, or Memorial Day, or during a political speech?

America has been in this war for 16 years now. Have people become so desensitized over the years that reporting on it only rates “mention” in some local newspapers obituaries? Why is it that we only hear about the fight against terrorists today, when they strike here, in our cities? Why have so many ignored or forgotten about those fighting abroad?