Which would look sillier on you: A cowboy hat or a Rasta hat?

Image for post Which would look sillier on you: A cowboy hat or a Rasta hat?
9% cowboy hat 82% Rasta hat 9% Other
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I have an old stetson. Looks okay.
If the picture is showing a rasta...it looks silly on her. I know it would on me.

Don't you need dreadlocks to properly wear a Rasta hat? No thanks, I'll stick with the cowboy hat. Image in content

I actually own a cowboy hat, and it looks good on me... but the rasta hat is really nothing more than an oversized, multicoloured toque. Since it's cold outside, you'll be seeing a lot of similar hats around!

Why not use these head coverings for their very purposes?

The cowboy or Australian bush hat and other, similar hats should protect the head, the eyes and the ears against the blinding and burning sun in the wilderness or the outback

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and the rasta cap could keep head and ears warm against the winter chills.
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And - there is no accounting for tastes.
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Rastafarian hats are designed to look silly on everyone.
Cowboy hats look cool an everyone - if it fits properly. I mean, if Billy Crystal can look good in a cowboy hat ....
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I am Albertan aka Canada's texas, I love country everything

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