Celebrities as a role model.A good idea?

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As a general rule, I would say no. We can admire their work and even some fine things they do for others, but we don't really know them. There was a time when I thought Bill Cosby would be a great role model.

I'd rather see it be someone in the neighborhood. Coach, police, firefighter, teacher, etc..

Celebs know nothing about real life.

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Most celebrities haven't done anything that anyone should model after. So my reply would be....NO.

Most of the time it is harmless.

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Nope. Too many have been prove utterly clueless without a script in their hand. Just look at them when they go on talk shows - they have a hard time talking intelligently so why have them as any kind of model?
Gary Sinise is one of the exceptions to that comment. He would be a great role model.

Some yes. All, nope.

Yes. Celebrities are better than all of us. They are on TV and we are not.

Generally no. There are few these days who qualify for such a honor.

Just because someone is famous among a group of people does not mean that they make for a good role model. But really, anyone can be a role model if they possess the perceived traits and skills or demeanor that the person looking up to them is striving to possess. That being said, anyone can inspire others. I looked up to some of my favorite actors growing up, but never more than my dad who I actually knew and could guide me.

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