Does the iPhone X screen have a notch, or does it have horns?

When you look at the screen of an iPhone X, does it look like it has a notch out of it, or does it look like it has horns?

Image for post Does the iPhone X screen have a notch, or does it have horns?
44% Notch 33% Horns 22% Other
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Haha! So true. 乂^◡^乂

I always thought notch, but now that I’ve seen this post, I’ve started seeing the horns and see them more than the notch at times.

I'd say calling it a notch is a calculated distraction from the fact it has horns. What you see when you're using a phone is the lit part of the screen, not the area around it, and Apple is going out of their way to show off the native shape of the screen for the sake of novelty rather than function.

Here's the other reason I think it has horns, it's a warning to the wise. Face ID is a lot more than most people understand. You can tell a lot about someone's personality from a simple picture of their face. With about 90% certainty, you can tell their sexuality, their propensity for crime, even their political leanings. How much more detailed can you make that analysis when you have an intricate map of someone's facial features and a full catalog of their expressions at all times when using the device? It knows what you're looking at, it knows how you react to it. You're giving a multinational corporation incredibly intimate knowledge about virtually every detail of your personality, I sense danger in that, TMI.

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