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34 out of 46

@Will_Janitor Good job!

I missed one that had the name of the team on the shirt. lol How dumb is that? biggrin smiliebiggrin smiliebiggrin smilie

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35 out of 46!

I've always thought of myself as a good guesser.

I'm not a baseball fan but I enjoy old Baseball movies, like The Pride of St Louis, Grover Cleavland Alexander, and others.

37 out of 46
Who knew there were that many that ive seen.
Course several were lucky guesses.

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Similar in nature, but a much bigger sport in the US.

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Finnish baseball, our national game... And we really live to the beating heart of it, over here, in my home town. We've won the league more often than any other team in the bloody league history.

Naturally, the rules aren't the same as in the baseball, but both games are 90-95 % the same stuff. The pitch is vertical and not horizontal, that's the main difference. Smaller differences are here and there, but essentially it's the same game. I'm not certain, if you can use "joker players" (as a reference to the joker cards in a card deck) in the official US version - hell not going to go and check it out in the Wikipedia) - but we can put a couple of them in in each inning, whenever we want.

As a sidenote, I can't believe, that that, whoever silly dead parrot salesperson he or she, whose comment I had the privilege to read, was, after coming back from my hospital rounds as a patient was complaining about "Oh, I know so much better than to ask these fucking stupid questions, when I was here the last time around, we had Elvis as the fucking president and nuclear was pronounced 'nucular', etc." Grow up. Have some sense of humor. If you don't have any sense of humor, then what is the point of living in the first place. Silly tit.


Wel do lose, from time to time...

@Carla That looks like fun, marko.

Have you ever tried to hit a ball, thrown vertically, with a weird spin and anticipating, if it's going to hit the pitchers plate or not... Or whether or not it's too low to count... The best pitchers can throw off the opposing team by simply throwing a disqualified pitch and still burning the runner. That's how weird our version of the game is. Highly addictive, though. Much more so than your silly... Well... Bones version of it.

@ZonkeyBalls Have you ever tried to hit a ball, thrown vertically, with a weird spin and anticipating, if it's going to hit the...

Slow pitch softball is pitched with a high arc. And...as slow as it seems, with good movement, it can make a slugger look bad.

In our versions...a pitcher can throw an intentional ball and the catcher can often throw out a runner off the base.

I don't really know anything about it other than Hank Aaron who I read brief account of his life and baseball history and it was incredible.

I might catch the final 10 minutes of the last inning, in the final game of the world series...

Nine out of ten times i don't though..

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