The Media Will be all Over "The Paradise Papers", Right?

The recently leaked documents, from an offshore law firm, expose the corruption of plutocrats including major US corporations, Wilbur Ross and Queen Elizabeth et al. who funnel and launder money through offshore accounts to escape taxes.
Apple alone has some 236 billion hidden in such accounts after CEO Tim Cook told congress Apple does not use tax gimmicks. All this while republicans and corporate democrats are trying to reduce the tax burden on capital gains and inherited wealth while raising taxes on the poorest Americans and gutting much needed social programs. Companies like Google, Amazon and even Starbucks are large political contributers and in what I'm sure is a mere coincidence Apple CEO Tim Cook and Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz were on Hilary Clinton's short list for VP. Clinton was also the #1 recipient of Apple's 2016 political donations totaling over $600,000 (that is known)
I'm sure the media will be all over this, right?

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