I was wrong. I just checked out the new site for Trumpcare and it is great. No pre-existing conditions, affordable rates and you can selected from many private insurers. I should have been onboard all along. Please check it out. My hat is off to President Trump. Good work!

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Always happy to admit my mistakes

Nothing has passed Congress to change health insurance.
From the cited website - "Essential health benefits for pre-existing conditions are covered under all Marketplace plans."
Insurers dropped like flies under Obamacare. There's still few choices for government healthcare.
We're stuck with the same crap Obama and Pelosi stuck us with eight years ago.
Government should not be involved with health care. When government controls healthcare, they control our lives.

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@Carla But you would have the government choose what a woman does with her body.

I assume you are talking about abortion.
And I'm on the side of protecting the babies from the mothers that would murder them.
It's all point of view.

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