I guess it's a moot point for me as I'm married, but whatever happened to going out and meeting someone face to face?

Can a chatbot help you find love?How AI is starting to serve the dating industry.http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-41885427
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If people find love that way who am I to judge. I met my boyfriend online and I am very happy.


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Really? I thought it was the same. Deleting you opening message 5 or 6 times because you think you'll come off as a total nutjob if you send it. And then after you send it you can't bear to look at your messages in case you're rejected (and the mental torture of imagining what the message contains).

Maybe that was me...

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Another good point, although you are at risk of getting catfished online.

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I'm married and I met my husband the old fashioned way, face to face. But things have changed, so if someone meets on line and it works, good for them.

I really like the idea of meeting someone in person, but the reality is that any girl that is single never goes out on her own and is with a group, so actually getting to talk to her means interacting with the group and they make it impossible because if you are trying to say hi and be polite and subtle with someone you think you like, you have the loudest most outgoing one taking over. Then almost nobody wears a ring these days or they wear multiple so you think you like someone only to find out she's married with kids and is on a girls night out and can't work out why all these guys keep hitting on her.

Online though, you can talk to a lot of people and they can be married, single or any age and don't feel threatened. You can get to know them over time and it's much more relaxed but much slower too. Also there's no body language meeting in this way which I find really helpful. Still, I've never met up with anyone romantically from meeting online. They always live too far away mostly on the other side of the world.

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I was talking to my sister about this and she couldn’t understand my issue. She said she gets hit on by guys wherever she goes. She met her current guy in the checkout line at the supermarket. She said it’s so easy, you just go outside and guys will all talk to you so you just talk back, but she can’t see that it’s the complete opposite for guys. I joined a site once with a female profile and had masses of messages from guys and even girls but on the same site as a guy there’s no messages from girls. It’s just the way it works. For a girl, meeting a guy seems to be just another regular event but for a guy actually meeting someone who’s actually single and wants to talk is like winning the lottery.

I met my husband online. Married 7 years next month. We lived 2000 miles apart and in two different countries.