My dad used to find post-it notes with passwords on all the time when he was at work.

Used to run his hand under peoples desks and find bunches of them with passwords written on.

Study shows scale of log-in hijackingPhishing attacks help hackers grab almost 250,000 log-in details for Google accounts every week, finds research
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I remember once I had to go to our IT department because my account was messed up at work. My friend that works in the department asked for my password and I replied "123" he was like "really funny Kat what is your real password". I was like no joke that is kept me from being the one to write it on a post it note hehe smilie


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I don't use the same computers here at home to get online or do work on. I have so many accounts for various systems at work that have to be changed every 90 days, that like you, I just write them down and store them in my safe at work.

lol - Ive seen that too. Under the desk, funny

The last place I worked in IT tech support was a small local Government office with about 100 staff. Often I'd get to their computers to fix something and they wouldn't be there but I could often work out their passwords from what was written on post-it notes or other things around their desk. Most would use a formula, so once you worked it out, you knew how it would change each month.