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I'll keep my eyes peeled for any zombie related news :P


I was bored last night and thought..... what if someone was out alone and was about to be attacked by zombies... but instead... .the zombies danced? so i found some video and put some music to it. I think they should do it in The Walking Dead lol

YouTube video thumbnail

Methinks: There were more than one "Big Bang".

I thought I had had enough, with the silly buggers, but they never mentioned anything like this. Extremely weird and very interesting!

Oh wow. That was an interesting article. I thought at first there was real zombies...I was thinking I haven't even ordered my tank yet. omg smilie


@TheCensoredBrit It's just awesome how many new things we can find, just by looking up!

Oh yes it is. I like to sit out and just stare at the sky at night wondering just what is out there.

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