When it comes to dating is it okay for the female to reach out to the male first? Or should the male always be the one to try and talk to her first?

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Of course it's OK for the woman to reach out first. The way things are going, before long, it might be the only way to hook up. Guys are getting pretty beat up out there. Including the nice ones.

As OzSurfer stated, generally women can subtly let a man know she's interested. But not all men are good at reading the signs and some men think you are just because you're outgoing. So I learned a long time ago if I'm interested in a man...I make myself clear.

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Can't argue that. I think it's sad.

I think it's great when a girl can show she's interested very subtly without spelling it out, so just through body language, although some guys can find it pretty difficult to pick up the hint while others think just a smile means she loves me.

It's perfectly fine for a woman to ask a man out. pce smilie

Of course a female can ask a male out, and doesn't have to wait for him to make ask.

Subtle hints? Don't rely on it.
No intelligent guy is going to rely on "subtle hints" to gauge whether you are interested or not. Why? Because you could later claim he "misread the signals" - whether that's true or not. > In fact, a couple colleges are now requiring WRITTEN statements BEFORE dating.

Yes a female can be freindly, invite a guy to meet you someplace or join other people you know. I never feel comfortabledoing that because I am never sure , but asking a guy to do something innocent will give you the answer.

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