Have you ever gotten or won something out of pure luck? What's your random luck story?

Image for post Have you ever gotten or won something out of pure luck? What's your random luck story?
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Flew to Wisconsin free. I picked up my tickets at the airport, thought I had been charged. I never got a bill. Good Deal.

@ZonkeyBalls Flew to Wisconsin? That's not winning, that's losing. You are one confused individual, lass.

I had to go to meet my boyfriend's family. I can't say I would want to live there, it was just to check on his background. It was lucky it was free for me . Better still when same BF flew me to visit him in Hawaii, he couldn't leave his work there.

After university I accompanied my classmate to a computer store because she needed something from there. Unknown to us it was the last day of a lottery from Alienware and people in the store could try their luck by taking a photo with the 2 beautiful girls and posting it on the store Facebook page and see if they win something. My friend won a small backpack and I won the fidget spinner you see n the photo.

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I won - wait, I don't actually know the term in this language, wow even the translator page didn't have any idea of what it is - apparently something that is so completely a purely Finnish invention, that we don't have an equivalent term for it in English. We have these grooves, that can be carved to the car's windshield, so when it's raining, the water flows more freely off the view and that gives the wipers a more effective range to do their job, even if they aren't in a good shape. Anyways, I won free grooves for the windshield, but since I didn't have a car at the time, I gave the gift card to my dad. This was about twenty years ago.

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Once at work I got paid an extra two weeks pay. So I went to the payroll officer who was a troll and i said to her, I think there's a mistake with my pay and she said, we don't make mistakes here, go away. So I followed her advice. I think she was assuming that I was going to say I was underpaid.

I won concert tickets and i won a Hootie and the Blowfish CD by calling into a radio station. I also won $50 and a radio on a school raffle. My ticket number was 007. ;)

I won the love of the greatest woman that I ever met...on a dating sight...cost me just a few bucks a month...had sex with other horney woman but finally met my true love

Two $500 scratch-off tickets, same year.

Won $10,000 at the casino off a $5 bet

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