Parents punching their child in the face is not very parent like. Amirite ?

Image for post Parents punching their child in the face is not very parent like. Amirite ?
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Spanking is discipling. Punching, is abuse.

Punching anyone in the face is considered assault.

If a parent is punching his or her child in the face inform social services immediately.

It's very illegal.

Unfortunately, and this is by no means an excuse nor it it a justification of such actions, some parents do not know any better. There are situations where generations of family are bought up where 'getting the bash' is simply the way life is for them.

I am not convinced that having children removed and the parents put in jail is the best solution. I think that having the children removed from such offending is most definitely a move that should be mandatory in such circumstance.

I think that there needs to be some understanding of the parents motivation to parent in such a way, and, if there is a way to teach some effective parenting technique, coupled with anger management perhaps.

The reason I think this is because the cycle has gone on for so long now and the current methodology is proving inadequate to halt the issue. Can we find a better way?

Just a slight voicing of some of my thoughts on the subject :)

Knocking out your kids with a right hook isn't very parently in my opinion.

That is wrong. The most they should do id slap the kids bottom as a punishment, but hey right now if you yell at a kid in public someone calls the cops.

You really should try composing your questions better, but from what I understand, your meaning was to ask, if it was okay for the parents to punish their children physically? No. It's not. Naturally, it's not okay nor should it ever be. I was never beaten. I was given all of the support and love, that one can have. Okay, it might have gotten me a bit astray and stealing helicopters, but that was my choice as an adult.

I have loved both of my parents, without hesitation, even when they wronged me. My dad - well he went six feet under in 2008 - was a great man. My mother only abuses me by words, yapping at me. But that's what most mothers do, as I've come to understand the human nature. Violence, in the physical form? Never. Just constant yapping and my mom doesn't know, when to shut up. Which is usually at this end of complaining about the issue.

"Not very parent-like" is a severe understatement. I abhor violence. I especially abhor violence toward children, animals, and disabled. Violence does nothing positive. It causes pain (both physical and mental), it causes fear, it causes mistrust, it causes insecurity... I am not a child psychologist, but I have studied what the actual experts say and they are basically unanimously AGAINST hitting and hurting children. Any decent human being should be, I would think.

Totally uncalled for.


Could you rephrase your question?

@JackHenryKraven Could you rephrase your question?

I think rephrasing the question would be appropriate, in this case. Just the mod wannabe in me, nothing else.

Couldn’t agree more.

From my point of view, it's criminal. I wouldn't hold back on attacking the bast**d once the child's held and out of his reach.

Its more than child abuse....they should be executed

To help those parents understand, they should get 5 punches to their face by a heavy weight boxer..

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