Lets face it , something said online by a complete stranger or a friend can trigger a response in anyone of us at any time. Amirite ?

OK......so we know we have the potential to be triggered and even the coolest of you Panda's out there have lost your cool once in a Blue moon. We have all gone through our own experiences some horrific some share / some don't and that's personal choice. I tell NO ONE certain things unless I am happy for them to know (I specifically hold back out in forum) because how can I expect complete Strangers to Respect my feelings ? 1) they don't know me from Adam and 2) how would they even know if I was telling the truth ? THIS is an OPINION SITE where all kinds of views are going to be heard and sometime's we're not going to agree or appreciate what some have to say because we can relate in a way some may never be able to understand. I understand when certain memories are triggered it hurts , makes us sad , makes us angry. IF we were in our own Lounge we would have the choice to say "Shut up , I don't want to hear this , can you stop talking and leave please" but this isn't our own personal space , this is AMIRITE. An opinion site for all. An Online social lounge where anyone can walk into a discussion or start one at at anytime.