Ok folks. Let’s have a serious discussion on sexual harassment. The “assault” charges are now spreading through Hollywood and Washington DC faster than any brush fire I’ve ever seen. You’ve Apparrently got a slush fund that has paid out 17 million tax payer dollars for settlements over the last 20 years in Congress. . This crosses both party lines. At the same time I believe this is setting up a very dangerous scenario. How many married couples met Eachother at work? Where are Human beings supposed to find mates? Bars? Grocery Stores, Churches, online dating sites? Are we suppose to completely ignore those we work with 40 hours a week? Those we have built friendships with? Are we suppose to simply be robots at work and show no emotions? The actual definition of Sexual Harassment is “unwanted sexual advances”. Ok.. how about the wanted ones? Where is the dividing line? Is flirting in the work place a thing of the past? Like I said, I think it’s an interesting conversation