Do you shop on Black Friday?

Image for post Do you shop on Black Friday?
14% Yes 77% No 9% Other
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Check out these headlines for today:

SEASON'S BEATINGS: Shoppers punch, kick, scream; Baby hit with shoe...

One shot outside Missouri mall, brawls close Alabama shopping center as

Black Friday begins. BLACK FRIDAY SMACKDOWN: Men squabble over toy car...

Customers wear employee uniforms to sneak in to stores!

It's a jungle out there!!!

I only shop if necessary ... like I've totally run out of TP and there's no alternative in the house. LOL

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Hey, Rooster. Good to see ya.
I'm doing good, considering I got the flu ... even after getting a shot this year. But at least it's more a minor inconvenience than a "stay in bed for a week and puke out your guts" like my friend's family has.

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Our hospital has an unofficial policy that if you choose not to get the shot ... you either have to wear a mask around patients, or can be sent home during local flu outbreak. I hate breathing through a mask, and can't afford to stay home. And the shot is free to employees.

I just went to the counter and asked the owner; "Do you think this kind of imitation of America, including Black Friday, is actually good for our country, as we are about to hit the big three on the 6th?" She froze completely. Apparently she hadn't thought, that someone would dare to ask such a bold question, face to face. Well, I did.

I don't recall ever having done that, except maybe at a grocery or 'convenience' store when I or someone else really needed something.

No way would I venture out into that mess.

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Fred Meyers (a department store) allows you to call in your order ... park in a special area ... and they bring it out to your car.

Amazon is now working with a security company, to deliver goods to your house and leave it INSIDE. (now, if we could just order cleaning services from Amazon)

I did today.

Because I'd rather be sleeping

I just won't go. That's what I told my wife. Later, at the store....

no way

Hell no...not unless I want to dress like this
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No, thank you, I'd rather shop on another day:

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@DandyDon Online...

Well, mostly, these days...

@ZonkeyBalls Well, mostly, these days...

Yep...why burn gas and shoe soles?

@DandyDon Yep...why burn gas and shoe soles?

Why burn shoe soles? Gas is for farting, you silly tw@.

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