I hate crowds.

I was in Oxford Street today with one of my friends inside a store, and another two friends were in another store. They called us, one of them crying, because things went crazy in their store and people had ran out, all in a panic. In the end they got stuck in a Pizza Hut restaurant, the police saying for them to stay inside. By the time my friend and I went out, the street was already getting close, there was a mob of people walking away, and people were acting like it had been a terrorist attack. My friend and I tried to reach Pizza Hut, but we couldn't pass because of the police. No bus or tube close by was working, so we had no clue how to get the hell out of there without walking a lot, and eventually we were told to enter a building and wait for things to calm down. Still, people were reacting like it was a terrorist attack. We were following the news on our phones, and all that was being said was about reports of gunshots and the police was looking into it. But the moment we saw things had calmed down, and the police found nothing, we went to a tube station. All was well. - I still have no clue why people all ran out in a panic. I've heard of someone seeing smoke, but I don't see how that fits in the story. No one spoke of gunshots, only the news. And for what was said, the only person that was hurt was someone that was stumped down by the panicked crowd. - And this is why I hate crowds. As insensible as it might sound, (and I might not being explaining this correctly), but most people become sheep when in a crowd. Someone gets scared, and most of the others around get scared too, even if they don't know what is happening. It's rare to see someone calm when everyone else is panicking.