People expect perfection when they first enter their hotel room, Amirite?

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Depends on where I am staying and how much I paid.

Anything less and I expect a discount.hehe smilie

I don't expect perfection, just as long as it's clean. For example, If it looks modern but it's dirty and would glow like a rave if you put a black light on it, I would not be happy. If it looks like an episode of the Brady Bunch but it's clean and maintained, then i would be happy.
Problems I have are more practical than most people's: I like it to be clean, I like it to not have bedbugs, i like things to work properly... some people complain about things like the decor, but I really don't care about that. It's not my house, it's just a place to sleep while I'm on holiday.

You pay money, so you should get quality

Perfection? That's a little over the top. I'll take clean, comfortable, bug free, reasonable.

I don't expect perfection, but I demand CLEAN.

I don't expect perfection ... just a clean room.

It all depends on how much I pay for the night. Up to $50 - eh, I'm only there for the night. I did refuse to pay for a room that had three cockroaches on the ceiling, the soda machine was locked after 10pm
and the room was dirty. They said I slept in the room and I said so did the three cockroaches, go collect from them. I didn't pay.

I expect something to be wrong... because there always seem to be something wrong (and normally a couple of small somethings)... in nothing else messed up fan or uncleaned something, even if you can't tell, such as the covers or the remote.

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