What are your biggest pet peeves that go right through you?

67% I hate it when.... 33% Other
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Leaving dogs chained forever out in the back yard.

@Carla Leaving dogs chained forever out in the back yard.

That's a big issue for me, as well as owners' cats being left out all year long, regardless of the weather being vicious.

@Carla Leaving dogs chained forever out in the back yard.

Oh - that's a good one!
Dogs Deserve Better - an organization that does something about it!

@Carla Thanks for the link, bud.

They've saved lot's of dogs from really sad situations. I know you're into loving animals - I wanted to share.

Aisle blocking in supermarkets

My work decides to put us all off for a month with no pay right on Christmas because of budget cuts.

OzSurfers avatar OzSurfer I hate it when.... +5Reply

I hate it when....people litter. Water their lawns in the rain. Leave their shopping carts in parking spots, especially handicapped ones. Use their mobile devices while driving. Don't let other people finish a sentence. Short list. biggrin smilie

To me, "pet peeves" are smaller sort of annoyances, as opposed to concerns of the more serious kind.

Piper2s avatar Piper2 I hate it when.... +5Reply

Having to deal with a bureaucracy.

PhilboydStudges avatar PhilboydStudge I hate it when.... +4Reply

Cyclists, skateboarders, and the occasional driver zip down the pavement and don’t stop (drivers) or signal when I have the right of way, giving me a good second to get out of their way lest they literally go right through me.

Mashas avatar Masha I hate it when.... +2Reply

People who curse in public.People who smell like they just smoked a pack of cigarettes.Screaming kids in a store.People who wear T shirts with Obscenities on them.

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