I really wish i could be a non-smoker, im getting sick of it (litterally) just feel like crap most of the time now.

my recent failed attempt, 4 months.. this time i'm trying a different method, i ordered a disposable e-cig with some nicotine in it. If it gives me satisfaction, i might order more and at least cut back from 6 to 7 cigs a day to 3.

Image for post I really wish i could be a non-smoker, im getting sick of it (litterally) just feel like crap most of the time now.
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Quitting took me a long time too, but the patch was a big help when I was ready. It's been over twenty years now. I really believe you will get there.

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Isn't that unfair? The place I used to work had some renovations done and a pavilion was build for the smokers. It was a nice little structure that could have served to be a nice place for anybody to sit for lunch and breaks. But the smokers complained about it being too cold. Now it has walls and heaters. They have gone all out for the comfort of smokers and I have no clue why. The company pays for healthcare afterall.

Everyone has something unhealthy they do for releasing stress be it smoking, overeating, drinking, procrastinating. I dont often eat healthy and dont exercise enough plus I have a mild addiction to videogames and energy drinks.

Chantex helped me. I still requires you to change habits, but you will get there. Good luck.

I think quitting is probably the single greatest thing you can do for your health. It sounds very difficult thought but I'm sure you'll work out a way and in years to come, you'll be happy you did.

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I live in BC and with the recent spike, the cheapest, crappiest brands are now 10.50, some better brands are 11.15 and 14 bucks.

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Cigarettes are damn expense these days, back in 2009 it was 7 to 9 bucks a pack for the better brands, now it's way more,.. luckily I was never more than a 2 pack a week smoker- 85 bucks a month. When I switch to ecigs next week. I'll be saving 40 bucks a month.

Seriously, do anything you can to stop. It's evil and kills not only smokers but those around them. Not worth it. My mom is dying bc of cigarettes.

Never smoked, but I chewed. It was incredibly difficult to quit. Chewing nicotine gum (almost had a terrible typo there) helped me quit.

All I can say is never stop trying to quit, and good luck.

Keep going my friend, and remember it is one of the most difficult addictions to overcome. Most people have to make four or five attempts to quit.

e cigs were the answer for me.

If you REALLY want that ... there are many ways to get help to stop smoking. If you don't utilize them, then you REALLY didn't want to stop.

A good thing to help quit is to develop a new habit. Along with the addiction of nicotine, I think a lot of people get used to the ritual of smoking at certain times of the day or smoking with others. Replacing these habits with another one might help. But make sure the new habit isn't so addicting!

Good luck!

Vape - it helped me.

If you want to quit bad enough you can do it..
I know a couple of people that just quit cold turkey.

I couldn't do that.

I got patches and told myself, when I put the first patch on, I'm not touching another cigarette.

That's what I did, that's how I quit..

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