If POTUS is not a moron he does a great imitation of one

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What Jerry said.

Looks like just another 3 hour old, anti Trump troll account created by someone who has already lost credibility under their other account name.

As the stock market and economy continue to strengthen at a record pace.

This user has deactivated their account.

I agree with that.

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Holy crap, what about that!!!

Just let President Trump do his job.

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He has savvy in certain non-political, non-military areas but outside of those, he's unimpressive for a man in his position, and that's a generous kindness, considering....

Not a fan of any political figure regardless ..but I like a person who speaks his/her mind about things and is not afraid to butt hurt feelings. Our President may not be your choice of someone to represent AMERICA but ...so many felt the same way of so many past PRESIDENTS...Give the man a chance.Hes not focusing on trivial shit ..like free welfare for illegals or gun control...he wants JOBS FOR AMERICANS!!!

Nope. A moron wouldn't be able to manipulate people. He's more a narcissist.

@Walt_OReagun Nope. A moron wouldn't be able to manipulate people. He's more a narcissist.

But not even close to the level of narcissism that Obama has. Obama can't do 2 sentences without referring to himself (I, me, my). At least Trump says 'we' the majority of time. I also honestly believe every person that succeeds, be it business or politics, is at least a little bit narcissistic.

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